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Advanced Mechatronics (MEE6455 Graduate course)

Lectures: Advanced Mechatronics (MEE6455)

Course description
This class introduces the advanced theories and techniques in Mechatronics for dealing with dynamicsystems, measurements, and controls of mechanical systems. The class materials will include, but notlimited to; actuators (e.g., electric motor systems, pneumatic systems, etc.), definition of signals,measurement of analog and digital sensor signals with a microprocessor, use of electric elements, digitalsignal processing, and implementation of intelligent control algorithms. An FPGA board manufactured byNational Instruments Company will be provided to each of the student groups, such that students canperform experiments with their own microprocessors. This course may or may not include class projects,which may account for the majority of the class grade. The projects will be mainly on programming andTAs will help you individually upon your request.  
- Classnote (to be handed out)
- Basic Electronics for Scientists, James J. Brophy, McGrowHill
- Assignment 30%
- Midterm project 30%
- Final project 40% (presentation 10% + demonstration 30%)
(subject to be changed)
 Week Topics (Computer programs to be used) 
1 Introduction to FPGA and data acquisition (LabVIEW, Matlab)
2 Real-time measurements and basic control structure (LabVIEW)
Report on the real-time control structure in LabVIEW with an FPGA system
3 Mechanical Design and Mechanics for Mechatronics (SolidWorks, Linkage, AutoCAD)
Mechanical drawings of three-dimensional models and their two-dimensional drawings
4 Electronics for Mechatronics : circuit theory (KiCAD)
Circuit designs of analog filters
5 Electronics for Mechatronics : DC motor driver (KiCAD)
6 Electronics for Mechatronics : BLDC motor driver (KiCAD)
Circuit designs of DC and BLDC motor drivers
7 Midterm project 
Building a mechatronic system that includes an FPGA-based data acquisition system, sensors, actuators, and so on.
8 Sensors and transducers (LabVIEW)
9 Communication, TCP/IP-based control systems, RS482, RS485 protocols (LabVIEW)
Building a communication system based on RS482 or RS485
10 Signal processing: FIR/IIR filters, fuzzy logic, wavelet filter (LabVIEW)
Report on the implementation of signal filters
11 Control systems implementation (LabVIEW)
Report on the implementation of system identification tools, PID, state-feedback, etc.
12 Implementation of advanced feedback controllers (LabVIEW)
Report on the implementation of disturbance observer, repetitive control, iterative learning control, etc
13 Implementation of adaptive controllers (LabVIEW)
Report on the implementation of parameter adaptation, adaptive feedback control, etc.
14 Feedback gain tuning  : IFT method
15 Real-time optimization: real-time nonlinear programming technique
16 Final project
Building a mechatronic system that includes not only hardware structure, but also precision control algorithms