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Robust Control Systems (MEE6517 Graduate course)

Lectures: Robust Control Systems (MEE6517)

Course description
Robust control is for the design of controllers when there is uncertainty in the system model to be controlled or when there are uncertain external disturbances. In contrast, optimal control is concerned with the design of controllers to achieve a prescribed performance. While the optimal control theory was originally derived using the techniques of calculus of variation, most robust control methodologies have been developed from an operator-theoretic perspective. In this course, various numerical methods will be introduced to design robust control. This course will also provide a unified treatment of multivariable control system design for systems subject to uncertainty and performance requirements.
- Multivariable Feedback Control, Skogestad and Postlethwaite
- Homework 20%
- Midterm examination 30%
- Final project presentation 10%
- Report 40%
(subject to be changed)
Week Topics
1 Introduction, Review on Linear Algebra
2 Review on Linear System Theory
3 Norms, Stability, Performance Specs, Limitation
4 Balanced Model Reduction
5 Modeling Uncertainty, Linear Fractional Transform
6 μ and μ synthesis
7 Midterm examination
8 Controller Parameterization, LQR/H2 control
9 Linear Quadratic Gaussian Control, Loop Transfer Recovery
10 H-infinity Control
11 H-infinity Control
12 H-infinity Control - Model Order Reduction
13 H-infinity Loop Shaping
14 Numerical Methods in Robust Control
15 Case Study
16 Final examination