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  • Robotic Systems and Control Laboratory Administrator
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering | Room RA313 | Sogang University | Seoul, Korea 121-742
  • Phone +82.2.705.4766 | Fax +82.2.712.0799 

How to Apply

Undergraduate Research Program (URP)
  • Undergraduate students of Sogang University are highly encouraged to join Robotics and Control Laboratory for obtaining preceded research experience and seeking further research interest. In particular, the URP experience of at least one semester is mandatory for the Master’s or PhD program of Robotics and Control Laboratory.
  • Please refer to the department homepage for the application process of URP program.
    Department homepage (Link)
    URP Intern online application form (Link)
Graduate Student Research (GSR) Program
  • For those who are interested in the PhD program (including MS-PhD program), please contact the research advisor by an email and arrange a meeting. The email should include the application form and the solution of the example problems
  • The GSR applicants are required to complete the following undergraduate courses
    • Mechanical Systems Analysis
    • Automatic Control Systems
    • Digital Control Systems
    • Mechatronics
      (or any equivalent courses)