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[세미나 공지]_2017.06.27(화) AS510호 16:30분_ Soft Exosuit for Poststroke gait training

주제 : Soft Exosuit for Poststroke gait training

Wearable robotics technology has made huge progress to enable walking in individuals who are unable to walk. Central to this remarkable engineering achievement is a rigid structure that can support its own weight and provide high levels of assistance; However, for individuals that retain a limited ability to walk, such as the majority of individuals poststroke, wearable robots with rigid structures may not be practical as they require substantial power and induce a slow and inefficient gait. Our laboratory thus developed a lightweight, soft wearable robot, called a soft exosuit, that interfaces to the paretic limb of persons poststroke via garment-like, functional textile anchors. Exosuits can help persons poststroke to improve ground clearance by assisting ankle dorsiflexion during swing phase, and help to improve paretic forward propulsion by assisting ankle plantarflexion during push-off phase. To evaluate the soft exosuit for poststroke gait assistance, we conducted human subjects testing with 7 chronic poststroke patients. Comparing poststroke gait with the exosuit in unpowered and powered conditions, we found a significant increase in ankle dorsiflexion during swing, an increase in propulsion symmetry, and a reduced metabolic cost of transport during powered exosuit walking. We also found gait compensations significantly reduced in the powered mode. Finally, joint kinetic data showed that mechanical work done by the paretic limb was redistributed, so that the ankle contributed to walking more and the hip contributed less 

일정 : 2017.06.27(화) 16:30분

장소 : 서강대학교 아담샬관 510호 (기계공학과 세미나실)

연사 : 배재현 박사님  (PhD. Material Science & Mechanical Engineering, Harvard University)